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Category: telehealth adoption trends

Telehealth by the Numbers

As patients and providers settle into a hybrid healthcare landscape post-pandemic, these telehealth statistics reveal how adoption and perceptions of virtual care have evolved over the past few years.

In a RAND Corporation longitudinal survey of 1,600 American adults from February 2019 through March 2021:

A JD Power 2022 US Telehealth Satisfaction Study of 4,306 healthcare consumers revealed that:

In an AHIP October 2022 survey of 1,000 commercially insured consumers:

In an AHIP November 2022 Coverage@Work poll of 818 voters with employer health insurance:

According to an American Medical Association (AMA) Digital Health Research longitudinal survey of 1,300 physicians between 2016 and 2022:

As virtual and hybrid care models mature, healthcare professionals continue to find new ways to leverage telehealth to drive efficiency and improve patient and clinician experience, particularly in hospital-based settings.

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