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Inpatient Virtual Engagement

Enabling hybrid care at every patient bedside

Caregility APS100 for Enterprise-Wide Telehealth and Hybrid Care
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Hybrid Care:
The Future of Telehealth

Inpatient Virtual Engagement (IVE) is the industry’s first subscription-based solution for hospital-based hybrid care at scale – every room, every bed, every patient. By enabling telehealth across the inpatient enterprise, health systems can improve operational efficiency as well as patient and clinician experiences.

Clinical Value:

  • + Enhances clinical collaboration
  • + Improves patient safety and coverage
  • + Accelerates the speed of intervention

Strategic Value:

  • + Relieves care team burden amid staffing challenges
  • + Extends satellite telehealth services into rural areas
  • + Supports “Hospital Room of the Future” initiatives
Hybrid Care

The Four Cornerstones of Inpatient Virtual Engagement

  1. 1
    Purpose-Built Devices
    Secure, medical-grade telehealth Access Point-of-Care Systems for all patient acuities
  2. 2
    APS Fleet Management
    Cloud-based fleet management to proactively monitor and support telehealth systems
  3. 3
    Telehealth Administration Portal
    Centralized management, support, and analytics on all telehealth program operations
  4. 4
    Solution-as-a-Service Model
    All-inclusive, pay-as-you-go pricing to reduce up-front capital investment requirements

As healthcare teams grapple with the ongoing staffing crisis, Inpatient Virtual Engagement reduces staff burnout by enabling clinical collaboration through virtual workflows including but not limited to tele-sitting, tele-rounding, tele-nursing, and remote consultations. IVE increases the frequency, timeliness, and thoroughness of intervention, reducing clinical “blind spots.” With earlier detection of deteriorating patient conditions, health systems can deploy resources when and how they’re most needed, while optimizing patient safety and outcomes.

IVE also supports patient enablement. Patients benefit from remote engagement with their care team, interpreters, and loved ones during their inpatient stay. With improved patient experience, quality metrics, and HCAHPS scores, health systems gain a key differentiator to attract healthcare consumers and establish a foundation for the Hospital Room of the Future.

The Acuity Pyramid

Build your Inpatient Virtual Engagement program on our flexible, Best-In-KLAS Caregility Cloud™ platform

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