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Inpatient Virtual Care

Enable remote workflows with telehealth solutions purpose-built to support hospital care.

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Inpatient Virtual Care

Inpatient Virtual Care

The use of virtual care at the patient bedside is gaining momentum as healthcare organizations seek to offset staffing challenges and modernize care models. Here are some of the ways inpatient telehealth is helping providers meet these objectives in hospital-based settings.

Clinical AI Enablement

Clinical AI Enablement

Leverage virtual care video and audio feeds at the patient bedside to introduce computer vision and acoustic-based AI services that augment clinical care.

Virtual Nursing - Caregility

Virtual Nursing

Bring experienced remote nurses to the bedside virtually to support common workflow and amplify patient safety and communication.

Virtual Observation - Virtual Sitting - Caregility iObserver

Critical Care / Tele-ICU

Integrate with clinical decision support solutions to enable on-demand monitoring, rounding, and intervention for high-acuity patients, including sepsis, tele-stroke, and infectious disease watch lists.

Hospital Telehealth - Caregility Inpatient Virtual Engagement

Inpatient Virtual Engagement

Support video-based bedside engagement to enhance patient satisfaction, bring family into care planning, and add visual context to interpreter services.

Virtual Patient Observation - Caregility iObserver Telehealth Application

Virtual Sitting / Observation

Continuously observe at-risk patients to mitigate patient safety concerns ranging from fall prevention and elopement to patient harm to self or staff.

Specialty Rounding - Telehealth Solutions

Specialty Rounding

Enable virtual rounding by Hospitalists and Specialist providers, as well as other clinicians such as Respiratory Therapists and Pharmacists.

EMS Telehealth

EMS Transport

Accelerate clinical assessment of patient trauma by bringing in clinicians virtually at the emergency location or while in transit to the ER.

Emergency Department Telehealth

Emergency Department

When patient surge is high, connect clinicians to patients virtually for earlier, more definitive diagnosis and appropriate intervention and triage.

Virtual Care from the Hospital to the Home

One virtual care platform, endless possibilities.