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Caregility Cloud™

Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform empowers your clinical team with remote workflow support that offsets workforce challenges and modernizes care.

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Virtual Care Platform - Caregility Cloud

AI at the Point of Care

Caregility Cloud™ combines three tiers of clinical support – bedside care, virtual encounters, and AI services – to enable 360° inpatient coverage that unlocks clinical insights, reduces care gaps, and improves patient safety. Caregility telehealth edge devices are purpose-built for healthcare with advanced audio, video, and radar services that bring artificial intelligence directly into clinical workflows.

The Power of Caregility Cloud™

Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform combines purpose-built clinical applications, hospital-grade telehealth devices, seamless integrations, and cutting-edge AI capabilities to empower your care team with access to reliable telehealth solutions that positively impact patient care.


Clinically driven cross-platform telehealth applications support one-on-one and one-to-many engagement between patients, clinicians, interpreters, and families.


Telehealth Devices

Leverage our array of secure, edge telehealth devices to support virtual care programs in high, medium, and low-acuity units across your healthcare organization.

Telehealth Systems - Caregility

Connected Ecosystem

Further tailor clinical workflows with innovative virtual care integrations from our connected ecosystem of EHRs, digital health devices, clinical services, and more.

Caregility Telehealth Integrations - Eko smart stethoscope

AI Capabilities

Introduce an additional tier of patient safety support by bringing video and radar-based AI into virtual workflows to unlock additional clinical insights for your care teams.


Simplify, Centralize, and Scale Virtual Care

Whether you are a nurse conducting virtual rounds, or a physician hosting your first telehealth visit, Caregility Cloud™ provides an intuitive, consistent experience with the functionality most sought by healthcare organizations.

Caregility Best in KLAS Virtual Care Platform (Non-EMR)

Hybrid Care Across the Enterprise

Say goodbye to limited, single-program telehealth silos. Reduce solution sprawl with one virtual care platform that supports patient care and engagement across the healthcare enterprise.