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Caregility at HIMSS 2021

Are you headed to HIMSS? Find us at Booth 5751 to get a hands-on demo of our award-winning Virtual Care Platform as well as the latest enhancements to iObserver, iConsult, and more!

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Support care when, where and how your patient needs it.

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Health Care Connectivity On Demand

From the ICU or ED, to long term care or the home, Caregility connects clinicians and interpreters with patients and families, with no extra downloads or logins.

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Scalable Solutions, Expert Implementation

Telehealth Programs

We quickly implement telehealth solutions to leverage your current technologies and create safe virtual workflows that minimize exposure for everyone.

COVID-19 Response

If you are struggling to meet the ongoing demands of today’s unique care scenarios, our COVID-19 Rapid Response telehealth program can help. Together we can quickly create virtual workflows and capabilities — using your existing technologies — to expand care while minimizing exposure.

Clinical Consulting

Our clinical team consulting services help you phase and rightsize the telehealth system you want – and avoid pitfalls along the way.

One Platform for Any Telehealth Configuration

Our secure HIPAA-compliant platform connects patients, family members, interpreters, and clinicians, wherever they are and however they work. We support virtual visits, clinical consultations, remote patient monitoring, and point-of-care observation.

Our cross-platform software, mobile carts, and wall-mounted devices seamlessly integrate with legacy infrastructure, including SIP systems. However, our roadmap also supports emerging sources of patient-generated data (e.g. wearables, consumer devices) and clinical biometrics, toward the “whole patient” view that facilitates optimal care.

Whether you are a clinician conducting virtual rounds, or a patient experiencing your first televisit, Caregility provides a simple, consistent experience with the functionality most sought by clinicians and patients.


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Connect Families and Clinicians at Any Point of Care

Optimally configured, virtual patient observation devices and software help keep high-risk patients safe while reducing the costs of bedside monitoring, and allowing for greater remote clinician, family, and consultant involvement. Learn how virtual observation works, what patients are candidates, and what to look for in a system.

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We Bring a Scalpel, Not a Cookie Cutter

Virtual care platform configuration and implementation are art as well as technology. Our experienced clinical team, including pioneering nurses such as Wendy Deibert, Irene Goliash, and Donna Gudmestad, begin with your existing infrastructure — what works, what doesn’t, and what can be improved. Then, we can discuss what comes next.

In addition to core virtual visit, point-of-care encounters and/or remote patient monitoring functionality, including specialty use cases such as transport, emergency, urgent and behavioral care, we support your strategy for hybrid encounter models, strategic unit growth, facility upgrades —  whatever’s on your agenda.

Working together, Caregility IT and clinical consultants evaluate your facility and talk with your staff on site, then come back with right-sized, easily phased recommendations to support your needs, room/unit layouts, cabling, and resources.

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Who We Serve

During COVID, we deployed iPads with the Caregility iConsult Mobile app to be the NICE ‘camera’ for moms and dads to connect with their babies…we were able to instantaneously bring them together via a secure text message and the iPad. It was amazing.
Jonathan Witenko
System Director of Virtual Health and Telemedicine, Lee Health
We have had very positive feedback since we went to video visits. Patients really like how seamless it is not to have to download an app. They can just launch the product from a text. The product is really straightforward.
Caregility supported us excellently though COVID-19. I would absolutely use them again, and they have absolutely kept their promises. My satisfaction with them will grow in the next year. We had to speed up our implementation because of COVID-19, and Caregility was able to change their road map. They have been crushing deadlines, and that has been impressive.
male doctor looking at computer explaining telehealth through video

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