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Caregility Unveils Multiple AI-Enhanced Hybrid Care Solutions that Harness the Power of Caregility Cloud™ Telehealth Platform

New artificial intelligence applications built on the award-winning platform empower clinicians to deliver better patient care and help health systems manage workforce challenges.

CHICAGO & EATONTOWN, NJ, (April 18, 2023) Caregility, an enterprise telehealth leader dedicated to connecting care for patients and clinicians everywhere, today announced a new portfolio of AI-enhanced hybrid care solutions built on Caregility Cloud™, its Best in KLAS virtual care platform (non-EMR). The enhancements reduce technology investment risks for hospitals and health systems by offering the flexibility to choose those health AI applications that are the best fit for their environment and needs without creating more IT silos that could hamper workflow and congest networks.

Interest in hybrid care models that blend in-person care with virtual encounters has increased significantly as health systems look to optimize patient care delivery amid workforce shortages. Caregility Cloud™ is a robust telehealth foundation that helps modernize care delivery with advanced video and audio streaming technologies. Transformative clinical programs built on the platform include virtual nursing, tele-ICU, continuous patient observation, and virtual visits.

The AI enhancements announced today unlock even more value for overburdened caregivers and administrative teams struggling to keep up with rising costs and increased demand. A computer vision application analyzes live video streams of patients and their environment to detect movement and changes that could lead to adverse events such as falls or self-harm. A contactless monitoring system continuously captures patient vital signs, detecting variations in heart rate, breathing patterns, and movement that could be indicative of physiological events like awakening from sleep or an induced coma. An ambient clinical intelligence algorithm generates documentation from live clinician and patient conversations for the patient’s electronic health record.

“Integrating artificial intelligence technologies with our leading virtual care platform advances care delivery and empowers the clinicians we serve to focus on patient care,” states Mike Brandofino, President and COO at Caregility. “AI development in healthcare is in the beginning stages. Our customers are asking us for options that they can implement now but won’t box them into an investment that might quickly become obsolete. By harnessing the power of Caregility Cloud™ as the platform of choice, we provide the resilient virtual care infrastructure and endpoints while our business partners focus on AI advancement.”

“Combining virtual care solutions and AI technology yields tremendous potential to enhance and improve a variety of clinical workflows in acute care settings,” said Pete McLain, Chief Strategy Officer at Caregility. “Artificial intelligence has the potential to enhance and augment – not replace – care teams, helping them save time, capture more meaningful patient data, and support clinical decisions and interventions that lead to better care and improved patient outcomes.”

The Caregility Cloud™ Ecosystem is a growing network of Caregility business partners brought together for better healthcare. The new AI innovators joining the ecosystem include Abridge, Ouva, and Xandar Kardian, who are committed to integrating their transformative AI-enhanced hybrid care solutions with the Best in KLAS virtual care platform.

Abridge, a leader in the clinical adaptation of generative AI, introduces ambient clinical intelligence for Caregility Cloud™, capturing relevant medical documentation from clinical conversations with patients in near real-time.

Ouva, a pioneer in the clinical application of computer vision, brings AI-powered continuous patient and patient room observation to Caregility Cloud™ adopters, tracking patient and visitor movement to alert care teams to potential patient safety concerns such as falls, elopement, or self-harm. The Ouva solution also helps optimize workforce efficiency, with bedside shift planning and bed turnover processes.

Xandar Kardian, an innovator in radar-based contactless patient monitoring, adds continuous vital sign and motion capture to Caregility Cloud™, delivering real-time data on patients’ resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and motion patterns to remote clinical teams to assess trends and meaningful changes in patient conditions.

The Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform also leverages operational AI to remotely monitor telehealth endpoint systems and initiate self-healing commands if equipment is not performing properly, enabling health systems to manage large telehealth system deployments at scale and across multiple sites.

Healthcare professionals attending the 2023 HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, April 17-21 are invited to explore the Caregility Cloud™ Ecosystem pavilion at Caregility booth 6815 in McCormick Place’s North Hall to learn more. Interested parties can schedule time with Caregility’s team of clinical and technical experts at

About Caregility
Caregility Corporation is dedicated to connecting patients and clinicians everywhere with its Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform. Awarded the Best in KLAS Virtual Care Platform (non-EMR) in 2021, 2022, and 2023, Caregility Cloud™ powers a purpose-built ecosystem of enterprise telehealth solutions across the care continuum. Caregility provides secure, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant audio and video communication designed for any device and clinical workflow, in both acute and ambulatory settings. Today Caregility supports more than 1,000 hospitals across over 75 health systems with over six million virtual care sessions hosted annually. From critical and acute, to urgent and emergent, to post-acute and ambulatory, as well as hospital-at-home, Caregility is connecting care everywhere. Follow Caregility on LinkedIn and Twitter at @caregility.

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