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Caregility Cloud™

Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform empowers your clinical team with remote workflow support that offsets workforce challenges and modernizes care.

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Virtual Care Platform - Caregility Cloud

Hybrid Care Meets AI

Physician Telehealth
Enhance Patient Safety
Quickly intervene and reduce patient risk with augmented observation and vitals trending.
Improve Experience
Introduce virtual support resources at the bedside to reduce staff burnout and turnover.
Centralize Operations
Centralize telehealth operations with sophisticated program and device fleet management.

The Power of Caregility Cloud™

Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform combines purpose-built clinical applications, hospital-grade telehealth devices, seamless integrations, and cutting-edge AI capabilities to empower your care team with access to reliable telehealth solutions that positively impact patient care.


Clinically driven cross-platform telehealth applications support one-on-one and one-to-many engagement between patients, clinicians, interpreters, and families.


Telehealth Devices

Leverage our array of secure, edge telehealth devices to support virtual care programs in high, medium, and low-acuity units across your healthcare organization.

Telehealth Systems - Caregility

Connected Ecosystem

Further tailor clinical workflows with innovative virtual care integrations from our connected ecosystem of EHRs, digital health devices, clinical services, and more.

Caregility Telehealth Integrations - Eko smart stethoscope

AI Capabilities

Introduce an additional tier of patient safety support by bringing video and radar-based AI into virtual workflows to unlock additional clinical insights for your care teams.


Simplify, Centralize, and Scale Virtual Care

Whether you are a nurse conducting virtual rounds, or a physician hosting your first telehealth visit, Caregility Cloud™ provides an intuitive, consistent experience with the functionality most sought by healthcare organizations.

Caregility Best in KLAS Virtual Care Platform (Non-EMR)

Hybrid Care Across the Enterprise

Say goodbye to limited, single-program telehealth silos. Reduce solution sprawl with one virtual care platform that supports patient care and engagement across the healthcare enterprise.