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Identify, alert and intervene faster with at-risk patients for better outcomes.

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iObserver virtual patient observation helps reduce adverse patient safety events.

Caregility’s iObserver application provides continuous 24/7 virtual observation for up to 12 patients displayed on a single screen. With a continuous live video and audio connection via a wall-mounted or cart APS in each patient room, remote staff can monitor, identify potential issues, alert and intervene quickly. At-risk patients have fewer emergencies and clinical staff’s time and care is better distributed and optimized across the patient population in the hospital.

Build Patient Profiles Icon

Build Patient Profiles

One-Way Video with 1-Click Audio Option Icon

One-Way Video with 1-Click Audio Option

Escalate to Two-Way Video

Escalate to Two-Way Video

Individually Controlled PTZ Camera for Each Room Icon

Individually Controlled PTZ Camera for Each Room

Room Alarm or Text to Staff Icon

In-Room Alarm or Text to Staff

Portal Logs Key Data for Reporting icon

Portal Logs Key Data for Reporting

Struggling to protect patients while keeping costs down?

Virtual patient observation systems help keep high-risk patients safe while reducing the costs of bedside patient monitoring. Learn how virtual observation works, which patients are candidates, and what to look for in a system. Download our white paper, Considering Virtual Observation for Your Healthcare Organization.

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