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Caregility Cloud™ Virtual Care Platform

Intelligent Telehealth with Proven Scalability

Telehealth Technology Providing Simpler Clinician-Patient Connections - Caregility
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Telehealth Meets
Point-of-Care AI

Harness the power of virtual care and AI to help keep patients safe, improve clinical and financial outcomes, empower care teams, and deliver better operational performance. Bring intelligent telehealth tools into virtual visits and consults, continuous patient observation, virtual nursing, and more with Caregility Cloud™.

Our award-winning virtual care platform leverages AI at the point of care to give clinical teams faster access to actionable insight into patient conditions. Developed by clinicians for clinicians, Caregility Cloud™ connects diverse care environments into a single, flexible platform to support virtual care programs across the enterprise with AI-ready point-of-care edge devices, robust cross-platform software applications, and a simple administrative portal for centralized program and device fleet management.

Virtual patient observation for optimal care and efficient staffing

iObserver enables 24/7 patient observation for up to 12 rooms on a single monitor. From a wall-mounted or cart APS in the patient rooms, staff can notify, redirect, and intervene more quickly for enhanced patient safety and care delivery.

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iObserver - Telehealth Technology Providing Simpler Clinician-Patient Connections - Caregility

Collaborate and communicate with the care team, patient, and family.

iConsult telehealth technology – desktop and mobile, browser-based native and embedded, ad-hoc or scheduled – offer two-way video/audio communication with providers, the care team, patients and family members to improve patient care and outcomes.

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iConsult - Telehealth Technology Providing Simpler Clinician-Patient Connections - Caregility

Integrate with multiple clinical applications, data and technologies with a common virtual care platform.

Caregility Connect is an important part of our telehealth technology platform. It’s modules activate API integrations into and out of our platform: (1) Patient information, data and resources into our Platform, (2) Platform applications integrated out into 3rd party clinical decision support solutions and (3) Platform applications integrated out to 3rd party technologies.

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Manage Your Entire Virtual Care Platform, Devices, and Users

Designed to be as flexible and user-friendly as all our other telehealth products, the Caregility Portal provides configuration and usage tracking across all telehealth programs, both inpatient and outpatient. The Portal also provides constant, proactive monitoring of the connections and APSs, remote tools to triage, troubleshoot and correct any issues, and wide range of customizable reporting and analytics of all uses of the Caregility Virtual Care Platform. Simple to set up ,manage, and scale.

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Telehealth Technology Providing Simpler Clinician-Patient Connections - Caregility

Telehealth Devices – Access Point of Care Systems (APS)

Virtual care is dependent on accessing the point of care effectively and securely, with reliable audio and video. Caregility’s telehealth equipment and devices are available in various sizes and configurations to match the patient environment and clinical requirements.

From wall or ceiling-mounted units to mobile telehealth carts or portable tablets, our purpose-built APS systems are networked to our platform and can be leveraged in any telehealth program, from Tele-ICU, to virtual rounding, specialty consults, continuous observation, interpreter services and family visits. Every APS is monitored and managed remotely 24/7 to ensure its availability whenever needed.