UHE Enables Telehealth Programs

Access the Care Continuum.

Today’s healthcare providers follow and manage many different clinical workflows when providing care, often in chaotic hospital environments. Increasingly they are turning to telehealth to enhance and expand access to patient care.  

Caregility’s UHE platform video-enables workflows, enhancing their effectiveness through better clinical collaboration and communication.

TeleICU Programs



Virtual Sitting

Interpreter Services


UHE-Sync provides high definition 2-way audio-video connectivity (continuous or intermittent) for remote clinicians to triage, check-in, assess and intervene with patients 24/7.   Visual communication enhances the level of information available and builds strong relationships between the patient/family, bedside clinician, the remote clinician and even healthcare facilities.  Seeing and assessing the patient versus a verbal report of information transforms the patient handoff experience.


UHE provides video connectivity for remote neurologists needing to assess patients for stroke. Connecting to a wall-mounted or mobile cart APS, the neurologist has a full range of options to interact with the patient through the UHE-Sync application, including far-end camera and audio controls, camera brightness settings, and more.

The UHE platform integrates with any existing TeleStroke encounter application through a simple API set, allowing for a seamless video calling experience.  The neurologist can connect to any APS from any location and from any device to ensure rapid assessment, intervention and care.  In addition, bedside clinicians can request remote clinical support through an on-demand button.  


UHE provides video connectivity for eConsults, inpatient as well as outpatient, scheduled or on-demand.  The UHE-Sync application enables quick links for other clinicians to join in a consult on the fly. Routine monitoring of patients can quickly be escalated into an on-demand eConsult with the specialist or care team member needed. 

Scheduled eConsults are launched from within EMR or clinical encounter applications leveraging the simple UHE API set. The same UHE clinician interface and controls are accessed through the EMR or clinical encounter applications, giving a consistent experience for all clinicians.

Virtual Sitting

UHE provides video connectivity for observation of at-risk patients through its iObserver application.  iObserver allows for faster clinician intervention to help reduce adverse patient events. This software enables continuous, 24/7 observation, allowing a virtual sitter to observe up to 12 rooms on a single screen.

Accessing through a wall-mounted or cart APS in each patient room, the observer can redirect patient activity, prevent falls or other risky behavior.

Interpreter Services

UHE provides video connectivity for interpreter services.  Through the simple UHE API set, the UHE-Sync application has integrated with several interpreter companies so that interpreter services can be initiated straight from within the UHE-Sync application.  Through a drop down window, the language and type of interpreter are selected and brought into the live video call within seconds.

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