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Virtual Nursing

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Empower your team with new ways to deliver hybrid care.

As health systems look for new solutions to improve patient outcomes and address the ongoing staffing crisis, Virtual Nursing is creating a new path forward.

A Virtual Nursing strategy allows care teams to bring experienced, remote nurse resources into clinical workflows to augment and support bedside staff and improve patient coverage and safety. Working remotely from a centralized hub supported by video-based bidirectional telehealth at the patient’s bedside, virtual nurses help assess, educate, and monitor patients, taking on tasks that don’t require hands-on care, so floor nurses are free to focus on more complex patient encounters.

Virtual Nursing Workflows

Resource Nurse


1 tablet/cart/wall system for each patient

Virtual nurses can support admission history, medication list review, and documentation, giving bedside nurses time back.
Discharge Planning
Virtual nurses can review discharge instructions, medication lists, and follow-up care with patients to drive efficiency and standardize processes.
Rounding & Consults
Facilitate multidisciplinary care team collaboration across multiple facilities to support staff balancing, reducing reliance on travel nurses.
Staff Mentoring & Precepting
Extend expert virtual nurse guidance to novice bedside staff to enhance training and reinforce patient care processes.
Patient Education
Virtual nurses can support talk-back verification with patients throughout their stay to ensure they're adequately prepared for discharge, reducing the chance of readmission.
Medication Verification
Virtual nurses can perform medication second signature verification and EHR documentation for bedside nurses.
Patient Trending
Virtually round on at-risk patients more frequently to identify patient deterioration trends and accelerate intervention.
Rapid Response Support
Coordinate remote provider assessments during Rapid Response events to close gaps in care when clinicians are offsite.

Value Created with Virtual Nursing

Virtual Nursing introduces a secondary line of support for your patients and staff, helping you improve patient care and clinician experience. The hybrid care model also offers a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to travel nurses.


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For Staff:
  • Dedicate tasks to virtual nurses to drive efficiency to reduce burnout for floor teams
  • Improve staff onboarding, training, and support with access to virtual nurses
  • Extend careers for experienced nurses who may otherwise leave the field
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For Patients:
  • Empower patients with access to remote, always-available support
  • Enhance patient safety through accelerated clinical intervention
  • Standardize patient care through more focused workflows
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For Health Systems:
  • Reduce labor costs and reliance on expensive travel nurses
  • Modernize care models to reinforce quality metrics and patient satisfaction
  • Scale programs to extend workforce resilience to additional units

Explore Virtual Nursing for Your Health System

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Caregility Cloud™ helps you easily centralize and scale telehealth operations to make bi-directional, video-based engagement accessible at every patient bedside.

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