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Critical Care

Rear view of doctor operating MRI scanner. Healthcare worker is examining scans on computer monitors. He is working in hospital.
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When seconds count, do your point-of-care devices keep up?

Integrated with leading clinical decision support solutions and supported by improved point-of-care devices, the Caregility platform supports Tele-ICU and similar programs. These may span intensive care units, the ED, subacute care facilities, and wherever you may treat critically ill patients.

Wraparound hardware and software, customized for the setting of care, enable on-demand monitoring, rounding and intervention by in-person and remote clinicians,  who may be in centralized or distributed locations. Patented technology ensures the ability to zoom in on critical device data, summon help, or speak directly to the patient in a crisis.

How did Cone Health and Caregility create next-generation critical care?

Read how Cone Health updated, enhanced, and reimagined its Tele-ICU program with Caregility’s Virtual Care platform.

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Bring care to wherever it’s needed with a single telehealth platform

Caregility’s telehealth solutions connect patients and clinicians in almost any setting via a flexible, secure platform. Our all-in-one, HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform connects your patient and clinician environments into one universal network. Purpose-built for healthcare, the UHE platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and provides a consistent experience for both clinicians and patients.

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