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Telehealth Consulting

Expert advice to design and expand your telehealth program

Telehealth Consulting: Expert Advice for Your Telehealth Program
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Clinical and IT acumen that support your success

Though telehealth promises innovation and new access to care, it also can introduce unforeseen pitfalls and pain points. How can you best leverage existing infrastructure? Room and unit layouts? Point of care devices?

Our telehealth consulting specialists have decades of experience at the bedside and with designing and implementing telehealth initiatives. We’ll help you address the present, while anticipating the future state.


Our telehealth consulting team understands the technical intricacies of software, hardware, and third-party integration and how to make them work together. You don’t need to learn and support multiple telehealth applications. We can work with your existing IT infrastructure or help you start fresh. Caregility telehealth nurse executives can also speak with your staff as peers, deconstructing existing workflows and suggesting options to support them.

Telehealth Consulting: Expert Advice for Your Telehealth Program

Clinical Training

We don’t “sell and run.” Go-live support, training, ongoing resource allocation advice, and performance metrics are all integral to your success.

EHR Clinical Applications - Telehealth Consulting: Expert Advice for Your Telehealth Program

Clinical Workflows

We demonstrate how Caregility’s platform enables limitless clinical workflows and generates efficiencies to give you the ROI you need. 

Workflows - Telehealth Consulting: Expert Advice for Your Telehealth Program

Change Management

We manage your digital transformation with a customized, hands-on approach, while anticipating and addressing your unique needs.

Manageability - Telehealth Consulting: Expert Advice for Your Telehealth Program

Read about how Caregility helped Cone Health transform outdated ICU technology into uncharted opportunities.

This case study details how our consultants guided Cone Health through a multi-layered telehealth update to create an unprecedented solution with zero staff down time.

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Bring care to wherever it’s needed with a single telehealth platform

Caregility’s telehealth solutions connect patients and clinicians in almost any setting via a flexible, secure platform. Our all-in-one, HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform connects your patient and clinician environments , including other telehealth programs, into one universal network. Purpose-built for healthcare, our platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and provides a consistent experience for clinicians and patients.

The platform
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