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Telehealth Trends: Looking back on 2021

2021 was another tough year for the world, but especially for the healthcare sector.

The emergence of the Delta variant exacerbated current shortages of healthcare workers who were already at their breaking point due to burnout. In fact, The Atlantic recently reported that about one in five healthcare workers has left their job since the pandemic started. With the arrival of Omicron, the healthcare sector is preparing for yet another shock, but much remains unknown.

As we look ahead to 2022, one thing is certain: the pandemic is not over yet.

If there is any silver lining at all, it’s that telehealth has been adopted widely and leaders continue to innovate to help the healthcare sector weather the storm—supporting staff to do more with less while continuously delivering the best outcomes for patients.

With this in mind, we wanted to look back and offer learnings from the past year by sharing our top performing content that engaged audiences like you. From webinars to whitepapers, we had fantastic discussions, explored new ideas and integrations, and embraced what’s possible today and beyond. See how:

Our Most-Watched Webinars

Innovation & Collaboration in Virtual Care

There’s never been a more important time for innovation and collaboration in the world of healthcare. In this webinar, Wendy Deibert and Scott Andrus of Caregility and Jonathan Witenko of Lee Health present examples and case studies of innovative telehealth solutions being deployed during the COVID-19 crisis.

Transform Clinical Surveillance with Integrated Virtual Care & Advanced Analytics

The patient surveillance landscape within healthcare is experiencing digital transformation like never before. The interoperability between virtual care environments and clinical decision support solutions presents endless opportunities to enhance patient care.

In this webinar, Scott Andrus of Caregility and Stuart Ramsey of PeraHealth will discuss the “art of the possible” as Caregility and PeraHealth venture to combine the power of virtual care and advanced patient analytics.

Our Most-Read Whitepapers

What Ease of Use Really Means in Telehealth

Everyone agrees that ease of use in a telehealth solution is critical, but it remains a vague criterion. What exactly can ease of use mean to patients, clinicians, and administrators? In this whitepaper, we explain how usability, functionality and user experience play out in practice, and provide examples of how each can help you meet real-world challenges.

How Augmented Video Analysis Is Improving Patient Care — and More

Just a short few years ago, virtual sitting was considered one of the most important technology implementations a hospital could make to reduce costs and improve patient safety. However, new advances in information technology move at lightning speed. Today, the traditional patient sitter model is now ready for an upgrade.

Enter “augmented intelligence” or AI — this tech is touted as the answer to solving many modern health care challenges. But what is it? How exactly does it work?

Our Most-Read Blog Posts

How Virtual Patient Sitters Are Protecting Patients While Keeping Costs Down

Learn how virtual observation has the capability to improve patient safety while enabling hospitals to more efficiently allocate resources —all without sacrificing the essential human-to-human element of patient care.

Improving Critical Care: Tele-ICU Safety, Savings, and Outcomes

The pandemic has exacerbated the challenges of overwhelmed, understaffed, and, often, undersupplied ICUs across the country. However, the pandemic has also sped up adoption of the tele-ICU, which is proving to be a critical tool in providing outstanding patient care and strong outcomes, while also preserving the safety of healthcare workers.

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