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Telehealth News Roundup: Augmented Intelligence, Cybersecurity Challenges, and a Host of Other 2021 Predictions

As healthcare and its use of telehealth products and services evolves rapidly, it can be challenging to stay up to date. As experts look forward to 2021, it’s clear that new technologies will continue to play a role in how telehealth services expand and whether or not systems have the cybersecurity in place to keep patient data safe and secure. Learn more about the current happenings in telehealth in our monthly roundup.

7 Predictions for How Technology will Shape Healthcare in 2021


The use of technology in healthcare during 2020 has skyrocketed, spurred mostly by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for virtual care solutions. Looking ahead to 2021, experts say technology will continue to play a role in healthcare as 5G networks, artificial intelligence and the need for more virtual care options all expand. Read more here.

2021 Will Become Even More Virtual

HealthIT Answers

In an annual tradition, HealthIT Answers gathered healthcare leaders from around the country to make predictions for the coming year — including, this year, Caregility COO Michael Brandofino. “Combining Augmented Information (aka AI machine learning) with wearables and two-way video will be a game changer for virtual care,” Brandofino said. Read more from him and other healthcare leaders here.

With Telehealth, One Size Won’t Fit All

Healthcare IT News

As health systems across the country have expanded their embrace of telehealth platforms, it’s clear that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. While scalability is key, healthcare providers have to think about who they’re trying to help, where those patients live, and what devices those patients use to get the care they need. Read more here.

What One Health System Learned About Providing Digital Services in the Pandemic

Harvard Business Review

Even before the pandemic, Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare was ahead of the curve in employing telehealth. From 2015-2019, the health system had 830,000 patient interactions, an average of 454 per day. So far in 2020, they’ve had 1.3 million interactions, close to 4,300 per day. CEO Marc Harrison shares seven of the biggest lessons he’s learned from the shift to telehealth. Read more here.

Telehealth, Vaccines Will be Big Cybersecurity Challenges in 2021, Experts Predict

Healthcare IT News

The latest security industry forecast from Experian warns that cybercriminals will use strategies employed during the COVID-19 crisis to try and breach more healthcare systems in 2021. Experts say that it’s critical that healthcare systems continue to strengthen cybersecurity programs all while trying to provide faster and better care for patients. Read more here.

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