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Special Statement – COVID-19 Preparedness and Support

While Caregility isn’t on the front lines, we want to help you and your team in any way we can. Therefore, have created a COVID-19 Virtual Disaster Response Program for coronavirus patients. The program includes:

  • We have developed a Rapid Response streamlined mobile telemedicine cart that can be deployed at the point of care in emergency departments and containment units for assessments, observation, screening and communication.
  • We have released our iConsult Mobile telehealth application which has an iOS and Android client that can be quickly leveraged on tablets and mobile devices. This will enable us to help customers if they choose to use off-the-shelf iPad or Android tablets.
  • We are offering expanded capacity and use of iObserver and iConsult Mobile for our existing health system customers during the pandemic.
  • We have implemented a special COVID-19 help line to expedite response to customers caring for coronavirus patients.
  • We have expanded capacity in our core infrastructure to support an increased volume of calls.

We hope these efforts will help you minimize clinician staff exposure to COVID-19 while providing an effective way to care for patients. The impact of telehealth on battling the coronavirus pandemic is substantial. Remote observation and virtual rounds can enable you to monitor Covid patients and assess their treatment progress without entering into the patient room. Our telehealth platform can also enable regular virtual family and friend visits, which can help patients through their isolation.

From a business continuity perspective, we have taken steps to pre-order components and have sufficient inventory to continue manufacturing units. We have taken steps and are prepared for our support team to work remotely with access to all of the tools and applications to support our customers from home. We have ramped up additional warehouse and manufacturing locations to enable deliver of Rapid Response telemedicine carts in a shorter time frame.

To learn more about how Caregility may be able to help your team, please reach out to your sales executive or contact us at


Mike Brandofino & the entire Caregility Team

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