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Health Sitter Solutions + Caregility

Health Sitter Solutions (HSS) provides On-Demand remote video monitoring services for high-risk patients requiring enhanced observation in the hospital. Patients are observed 24/7 by highly trained Virtual Safety Associates (VSA) from a secure operation center with advanced tools to communicate with the bedside team. With a focus on prevention, VSAs are trained to monitor precedents of falls, elopement, and other signs of eminent safety incident.

Founded by a Nurse Leader and a Process Improvement Engineer, HSS’ approach is client-centered, customized, and technology driven to improve patient safety and experience. Services are packaged to provide acute care facilities with flexibility and accessibility. The key feature is in the subscription model, which allows hospitals to rapidly have access to a fixed number of carts. In addition, the On-Demand model gives institutions the flexibility to effectively respond to fluctuations due to patient census by adding more carts when needed.

From full-time monitoring to off shift coverage, the operation center can support specific institution needs and integrate with existing video monitoring infrastructure to minimize gaps/lapse in coverage. Visit for more information

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