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A Business Case for Virtual Nursing

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A Business Case
for Virtual Nursing

Examine the impact and opportunity of
the hybrid care model in inpatient settings.


Virtual Patient CarePilot Program Examples
Reduce Care CostsReal-World ROI
Clinician Patient CommunicationHow to Get Started

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What can Virtual Nursing do for your healthcare organization? 

Virtual Nursing helps health systems address critical issues such as nurse burnout, patient safety, and cost efficiency. This ebook offers key considerations and real-world examples to draw from as you develop your Business Case for Virtual Nursing.

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Table of Contents:

  • What’s fueling the rise of virtual nursing?
  • Augmenting care teams with a Virtual Nurse component
  • Virtual Nursing’s reach
  • Virtual Nursing’s return on value
  • Virtual Nursing KPIs
  • Lessons from Virtual Nursing pioneers
  • Getting started with virtual nursing
  • Future considerations

A Guide to Virtual Nursing: Inpatient Settings

Virtual nursing programs hold immense potential to help health systems overcome today’s chronic workforce shortages while delivering high-quality, cost-effective care. The challenge? Knowing where to start.

Download our e-Book: A Guide to Virtual Nursing in Inpatient Settings to Explore:

Best Practices for Virtual Sitting and Virtual Patient Observation

How Augmented Video Analysis Is Improving Patient Care — and More

Just a short few years ago, virtual sitting was considered one of the most important technology implementations a hospital could make to reduce costs and improve patient safety. However, new advances in information technology move at lightning speed. Today, the traditional patient sitter model is now ready for an upgrade.

Enter “augmented intelligence” or AI — this tech is touted as the answer to solving many modern health care challenges. But what is it? How exactly does it work? And what can it do to improve virtual patient care?

In this white paper, you’ll learn how:

Telehealth Video Application Security

With purpose-built platforms that offer robust security and privacy protection, organizations can mitigate risk and improve functionality.

Considering Virtual Observation

Less costly and more efficient than “sitters,” virtual observation systems can add robust interaction to health status and safety monitoring.