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Category: Provider Services + Caregility is a 24/7 patient monitoring solution born out of one of the world’s leading telehealth academic institutions.

Between our reliable audio/visual hardware, next-gen watch data, and world-class medical and nursing student Command Center technicians, has improved lives by dramatically reducing instances of self-harm, falls, and traumatic brain injuries. Furthermore, by revolutionizing patient outcomes, team morale, and facility bottom lines we help to ensure that your staff and the patients have the tools they need to be happy, healthy, and most importantly: safe.

While each organization we work with has unique needs, the CVM system has consistent benefits for all of them. Our solutions improve care team safety, increase staff retention and satisfaction, and reduce the need for 1:1 sitters in most cases.

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TeleSpecialists + Caregility

TeleSpecialists is a national leader in hospital-based telemedicine and quality management services. Founded in 2013, TeleSpecialists has rapidly expanded to over 80 board-certified physicians serving over 200 hospital locations across the US. Services include TeleStroke and Emergent Neurology, TeleNeuroHospitalist, TeleEEG and TelePsychiatry.

TeleSpecialists is accredited by The Joint Commission and maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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TeleDentists + Caregility

TeleDentists operates a national, proprietary network, offering patients 24/7 access to an online dental visit in ten minutes, along with immediate non-narcotic prescriptions if needed, and appropriate follow-up care in person the next day.

Founded by two dentists, TeleDentists offers health plans, employers, retail clinics, urgent care centers and hospitals access to a Level 1 oral care specialist who can address acute dental issues and chronic oral inflammation at a fraction of the cost of an ED visit, while freeing emergency and urgent care providers for non-dental cases. Patients can also visit the TeleDentists web site for immediate $64 online consultations.

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Specialist TeleMed + Caregility

Specialist TeleMed (STeM) is a physician-led and Joint Commission-accredited telemedicine company providing 24-plus medical and surgical specialties to hospitals, clinics, and remote work sites. STeM provides customized cost-efficient specialty care to match the needs of any size healthcare facility seeking immediate access to Board-certified physicians.

STeM aims to provide access to the highest-quality, value-based healthcare for patients within their communities, while offering providers the most affordable telemedicine available. Specialist TeleMed seamlessly delivers clinical services by leveraging your existing systems and workflows to minimize disruptions for your on-site team.

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Robotic Critical Care Services + Caregility

Robotic Critical Care Services is a national leader in Tele-ICU and Tele-Pulmonary care.  Having started in one state with a few providers, we now have one of the largest tele-intensivist groups in the United States.  We have providers licensed in over 30 states and provide care at over 40 facilities. We are the trusted partner of hospitals, staffing firms and technology companies to provide care for their patients.

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nodSpecialists + Caregility

nodMD automatically matches available time for 250,000 independent physician specialists with virtual referrals. Patients are seen 5x faster than otherwise, on average, and independent clinicians can gain access to new patient populations. Virtual visits are powered by the Caregility platform, and patients can also self-refer.

In addition to helping patients receive prompt referral or treatment, the nodMD platform reduces preventable infections, enables earlier discharge to home, and helps avoid unnecessary hospital transfers from home or long-term care. Specialties include infectious diseases, antimicrobial stewardship, dietetics, nephrology, hematology and behavioral health. Clinical pathways to help clarify next steps are also available.

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Intercept TeleMed + Caregility

Intercept TeleMed provides tele-ICU staff, software, analytics and customized solutions.

Founded by a transplant surgeon, Intercept offers individualized programs to expand capacity and improve outcomes for hospital ICUs. Leveraging highly-skilled critical care physicians and experienced nurses, with data-driven alerts and other support for the on-site team, Intercept can support any ICU size or case mix — all while strengthening, not disrupting, existing workflow.

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Hicuity Health + Caregility

Hicuity Health is the largest and most experienced provider of acute telemedicine care in the United States, engaging our intensivists, APPs, nurses, and technicians in technology-enabled care with hospitals, health systems, and post-acute facilities nationwide.

The pioneer in independent tele-ICU services, Hicuity Health now serves more than 125 hospitals, offering a customized suite of services rather than a “one size fits all” solution. Hicuity telemedicine services include tele-ICU, remote cardiac telemetry, virtual nursing, virtual sitter, smart device monitoring, and hospital at home.

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FreeState Healthcare + Caregility

Addressing the shortage of physicians in the rural US, FreeState provides facilities with ED, subspecialty, hospitalist, clinic, and primary care medical staff, both on site and virtually.

In addition to physicians, FreeState also provides Certified Diabetes Educators and other key staff. FreeState offers a variety of professional development resources, promotes clinical trial access, and can help facilities fill clinical leadership roles such as that of Medical Director.

Visit FreeState Healthcare to learn more.

e-Psychiatry + Caregility

e-Psychiatry Telemedicine offers those with mental health and substance abuse issues access to a national network of clinicians and wraparound support. 

In addition to a 50-state panel of psychiatrists, e-Psychiatry spans nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers, and other therapists. Text and video-based services include coaching, skill-building, and medication management/delivery. Curated self-care resources are provided, with support for the Apple Watch and Fitbit as well. 

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