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Category: Interpreter Services

AMN Language Services + Caregility

Known for on-site as well as virtual interpretation services, you can access Stratus during any Caregility visit.

AMN interpreters complete extensive, interactive training and undergo multiple one-on-one practice sessions and platform assessments before taking live telehealth calls. This curriculum includes  medical terminology, HIPAA, codes of conduct, and cultural competence. This provides them with a strong foundation for a variety of situations, including interpreting for refugees and navigating difficult conversations. 

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Language Line Solutions + Caregility

One in five Americans speaks a language other than English at home. Since health care speaks its own language, it is doubly important to provide linguistic services to patients and their families.

Having founded the over-the-phone interpretation industry in 1982, LanguageLine is today its largest provider, with 14,000 highly trained interpreters who handle more than 40 million encounters annually. Its 30,000 clients have access to mobile, on-site and virtual translation and interpretation.

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Language Service Associates + Caregility

A top 30 Nimdzi Report provider, Language Services Associates, Inc. (LSA) offers industry-leading integration of interpretation services in over 240 languages.

In addition to robust interpretation services, LSA provides a free native mobile application, IRIS (Instant Remote Interpretation Services), for Windows, iOS, and Android. LSA also offers its proprietary INTERPRETRAC® platform, for secure and customized reports based on:

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Cloudbreak + Caregility

One dropdown box during a Caregility virtual visit provides access to 250 languages, including sign language.

Since introducing video remote interpreting (VRI) into the market, Cloudbreak has added bedside language applications for hospital patients, including telequarantine, teletherapy, telenursing, multi-party calling and medical interpretation on site.

Visit CloudBreak to learn more.