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Caregility + Eko Integration

Complete your telehealth experience by capturing the physiological information missing in most virtual care settings.

Hybrid Care at Scale

By enabling inpatient hybrid care at scale, health systems can bring virtual resources into broader use cases to
improve operations as well as the patient and clinician experience.

iObserver Data Sheet (AUS Version)

iObserver is a continuous observation solution that leverages purpose-built audio-video endpoints to enable remote observation of multiple at-risk patients, including those with behavioral or physiological needs who typically require a one-to-one sitter in the patient’s room.

This solution allows real-time virtual patient intervention and care team notification, providing a second layer of support for patients, families, and clinical staff. Transitioning from a oneto-one in-person observation model to a one-to-many virtual patient observation model reduces adverse events, provides peace of mind for caregivers and families, and ensures a return on investment from the first day of implementation.

Caregility IVE Overview

Download our brochure to learn how Inpatient Virtual Engagement can help your health system support hybrid care at every bedside.

Caregility Connect for iConsult P2P

Caregility Connect for iConsult Person-to-Person (P2P) offers API-based integration between Epic and other EMRs and the Caregility Cloud™ platform.

iConsult Virtual Care Application Data Sheet

Caregility’s iConsult connects clinicians, patients, families, and interpreters at any point of care, with no app download required.

Integration with Epic

Caregility Cloud™ integrates with Epic via context-aware links, bringing HIPAA-compliant virtual visits directly into clinical workflows.

iObserver Data Sheet

iObserver facilitates continuous virtual observation of up to 12 at-risk patients on a single screen to improve patient safety.