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Caregility Announces New Features in HIPAA Compliant iConsult Mobile App to help in fight against COVID-19

iConsult Mobile turns virtually any iOS or Android tablet into a virtual access point

iConsult Mobile App for Telehealth

Eatontown, N.J. – April 1, 2020 – Caregility, a clinical collaboration and communications company focused on providing secure, reliable two-way audio and video communications for any device and clinical workflow, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, announces it has developed new features to address the challenges of using existing tablets as access points for virtual care in patient rooms. The new features enable secure remote calling into the patient’s room without the need for a staff member to enter the room to answer or launch the call. In addition, there is a soft touch call button that sends a request to clinical staff to virtually visit the patient. iConsult mobile is an extension of iConsult, Caregility’s virtual on-demand clinician application that gives full control of a video consult experience to providers. With iConsult Mobile, clinicians and family members can be included from virtually any mobile device.

Designed specifically for clinicians, iConsult Mobile is available for both iOS and Android devices. The application gives clinicians multiple options to initiate on-demand consults over a secure, HIPAA compliant connection to patients or other clinicians. From their mobile devices, clinicians can connect directly with patient bedside camera systems while maintaining complete far-end PTZ camera and audio control. Clinicians can also initiate care coordination with other clinicians both inside a health system or across to other health systems. And, clinicians can invite guests such as family members directly into video calls. If needed, all three options can be initiated within the same call.

“When we realized that our customers were using unsecured video solutions in COVID-19 patient rooms, we felt obligated to figure out a way to minimize the risk,” commented Caregility President and COO Mike Brandofino. “The entire company rallied with the guidance of our team of experienced clinical nurses to quickly develop features specifically designed to enable secure virtual care of patients while minimizing the need to enter patient rooms. We believe this will significantly help in the battle against COVID-19.”

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