Caregility’s Vice President of Clinical Solutions Wendy Diebert, EMBA, BSN, RN, was recently featured on Healthcare IT Today where she shared insight into the world of virtual sitters and how hospitals are using them to improve patient safety and reduce unbudgeted costs.

The use non-clinical staff to provide bedside patient monitoring—also known as “specialling”—is a common practice in hospitals. These patient sitters enable hospitals to provide in-room support to patients at risk of injury while freeing up nurses to focus on clinical duties. The drawback is that these services are not reimbursed and often amount to a hefty unbudgeted expense for healthcare organizations.

Thanks largely to recent advancements in telehealth, virtual sitters have emerged as a cost-effective alternative to the use of live patient sitters. These camera-based e-sitters are helping hospitals overcome financial hurdles without sacrificing patient safety. The real-time remote monitoring solutions enable clinical staff to simultaneously support higher numbers of at-risk patients via two-way video and audio feeds.

In the article “Virtual Sitters Can Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Unbudgeted Hospital Costs,” Diebert elaborates on:

  • How virtual sitting resources work
  • Costs savings hospitals can achieve by employing the tools, and
  • Patient and visitor privacy concerns hospitals should be aware of

Diebert also offers practical advice on ways hospitals can ease staff adoption, avoid alert fatigue and maintain the human-to-human element in patient care when implementing e-sitting programs.

To learn more, read the full article here.

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