COVID-19 has presented care givers and patients with a variety of new challenges. For many patients diagnosed with COVID-19, visiting with loved ones while they are in the hospital has been impossible. Caregility and UK HealthCare have been fortunate, and proud, to be able to provide that connection for Jerome Johnson and his family.  The only form of communication that allowed Jerome and his family to see and hear each other was UK HealthCare’s eICU system–an in-room video monitor and camera.



Originally designed to allow clinicians to monitor patients remotely, UK HealthCare’s COVID team used Caregilty’s UHE telehealth platform to patch families into the eICU system, allowing them to see their loved ones while they were in isolation. Jeanine and their two children, Jorden and Jeanieca, spent hours talking to Jerome and lifting his spirits during the most harrowing days of his stay.


Read Jerome and his family’s heartwarming story here: “This coronavirus has no name, no age and no color.”


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