UHE – Telehealth Technology Platform

A Clinical Collaboration & Communications Ecosystem in 1 HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Platform

UHE is a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that connects all patient and clinician environments into one universal network.

Attached to the telehealth platform are Caregility’s Access Point of Care Systems which are video-enabled and located wherever patients or clinicians are: in hospitals, post-acute facilities, outpatient clinics or homes.

Patient Focused Virtual Care Platform

The UHE telehealth platform facilitates clinical collaboration and communication around all aspects of patient care. It is always on and available whenever and wherever the doctor needs to see and treat the patient. Whether used for continuous patient monitoring, ad hoc patient check-ins, assessments or consults, scheduled specialty consults, care team coordination and planning, or managing patients through transitions of care, the UHE virtual care platform enables any telehealth programs.

As a single, universal, purpose-built telehealth technology platform, the UHE interface and experience for both the clinician and the patient is consistent across all telehealth programs. UHE is easy to embed, manage, and support, all while ensuring high availability.  Gone are the days of trying to support and manage multiple siloed video solutions with different interfaces for each telehealth program. UHE eliminates the lack of interoperability and serviceability of those disparate telemedicine platforms.


Secure remote clinician access to patients in any location from anywhere


Unique video workflow for continuous patient observation

iConsult Mobile

Secure remote clinician access to patients using mobile devices

The Portal

Necessary tools to manage users and room systems

Access Point of Care (APS) Systems

Video enabled telehealth devices in front of patients, all-in-one, medical-grade appliances, wall-mounted or mobile cart

Key features of
The UHE Telehealth Technology Platform

Universal, Versatile, Reliable and Secure.

UHE Connect

API and SDKs for simple integration into clinical workflows and interoperability

High Availability

Highly reliable design with proactive monitoring/alerting and response 

Cloud Infrastructure

Highly scalable video telemedicine platform enabling all different telehealth programs

Reporting & Analytics

Usage, performance and successful program analytics

Subscription Pricing

Lower upfront costs and predictable spending over time to simplify budgeting  

The combination of a telehealth technology universal platform with multi-purpose hardware and software components provides a scalable, cost-effective solution and HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform to help you expand and scale your telehealth initiatives across any setting.

Learn more about how UHE can visually enable any telehealth program.


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