UHE Portal

High Availability, Management, Reporting & Analytics

The UHE Portal provides the necessary infrastructure and support to make the UHE Platform and all connected Access Point of Care systems manageable and highly available.  The Portal also provides comprehensive utilization reporting and analytics.

High Availability – Purposed built design for healthcare, the UHE platform and UHE APSs are reliable for every day, 24/7 utilization. The Portal provides continuous proactive monitoring of the platform and APSs to ensure that all systems are working. When, or if, a problem is found, automatic alerts are displayed in the Portal dashboard and sent to Caregility’s 24/7 video network operations center to remote triage and repair within minutes, ensuring that every APS is always on and available when needed.  

Manageability – Health systems implementing multiple telehealth programs utilizing APSs spread across multiple sites need a way to easily manage their video communications platform and estate.  The UHE Portal simplifies the setup and provisioning of services, locations, user accounts and APSs, making it easy to scale across large deployments.   

Utilization Reporting and Analytics – The UHE Portal provides a wide range of reporting and analytics options, including automated and customized, from historical calls and performance to capacity management to uptime and program adoption.

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