UHE Applications

Purpose built applications for healthcare with a common intuitive interface and interoperability across clinical workflow

Enabling visual communications within any clinical workflow to optimize remote patient care


Empowers clinicians to quickly respond to patient needs and easily collaborate across the care team.

The iConsult Application is a clinician interface and controls application for two-way video/audio communications and collaboration, synchronizing timely and effective care for patients.  The clinician uses iConsult to access the wall-mounted or mobile cart patient APS, giving them full control over the camera, speaker and microphone in the room, as well as the ability to add other participants into the call, including specialists, family and other care team members. The same iConsult interface is used across all telehealth programs that utilize two-way video/audio communications.



Enables faster response to decrease the risk of negative patient events.

Continuous patient observation for use cases like fall prevention, clinical deterioration/rapid response, seizure monitoring, overflow capacity management, and more. iObserver gives the observer the ability to continuously monitor patients through one-way video with the option of switching on audio (listening and speaking) in the patient room.  The observer can also notify with an in-room alarm sound and/or a text to floor staff as well as escalate to a two-way video call if needed.  Once in a two-way video call, other remote care team members can be brought in over video to assess and intervene with the patient. 



UHE Connect

Clinical integrations and interoperability

Leveraging UHE’s simple API set, Caregility offers connect integrations with multiple EHR and clinical applications. These UHE-Connect modules ensure that a common video communications platform is used across different EHR and clinical applications within a health system.

UHE-Connect also provides two different kinds of interoperability connections: (1) standards-based interoperability with monitoring and management and far-end camera controls and (2) medical device interoperability for use with remote patient assessments.

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