UHE Access Point of Care Systems (APS)

Telehealth systems to fit any space and accommodate any workflow

Different wall-mounted and mobile cart APSs let you right-size your technology for the right environment and enable multiple clinical workflows at the same time.

Caregility Wall-Mounted APS

Configurable to work with available space on walls or ceilings.

Space is at a premium in most hospital rooms. That’s why the Caregility APS system was designed in multiple sizes with modular components to fit into any size room. The wall-mounted APS also has different technology options to adjust to the video and audio requirements of each environment.

The wall-mounted APS comes in two designs:  

  • All in one enclosure
  • Enclosure with a separate monitor

The modular design includes four main components:

Multiple APS hardware versions offer custom install options

Three distinct versions of the Caregility APS wall-mounted video systems each offer multi-functionality, potentially increasing the ROI per component. The APS-80 for small environments, the APS-120 for mid-sized environments and the APS-180 for large scale and unique environments.

Convenient features shared by all systems include:

  • Image Capture
  • Night Vision
  • Multi-party Video Visits
  • Remote Camera & Audio Control

APS-180 Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing Systems

APS-120 Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing Systems

APS-80 Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing System

Caregility APS Carts

Bringing patient care to the bedside, quickly , safely, and securely.

Each Caregility Cart APS gives you the mobility and agility to connect a remote clinician to the point of care. Yet each cart is designed to fit the different technical and space requirements for the environments and the telehealth programs.

Caregility has a family of carts that range from small footprint to large, fixed cameras to high zoom PTZ cameras, non-battery to battery powered, manual lift to power lift, tablet to PCs with separate monitors,

Key Features of All APS Systems:

PTZ camera with full pan, tilt and zoom controls from the far end

Pre-sets for preferred camera positions

Speaker and microphone controls from the far end

On demand button requesting a consult

IR lights and night vision


Conferencing capabilities to add participants, (other clinicians, interpreters, family members)

Learn more about how UHE access points of care systems can be used to expand any telehealth program.


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