UHE Telehealth Solutions

Solutions that enable a wide range of telehealth programs

Universal telehealth platform purposed-built to support an entire portfolio of telehealth programs, scaled across multiple sites.

From scheduled to on-demand consults, from intermittent to continuous video monitoring, from virtual visits to clinical coordination and collaboration, the UHE Platform provides various telehealth solutions. It is flexible and versatile enough to be the one, common, visual communications platform for any telehealth program. Having one universal telehealth solutions platform underpinning all telehealth programs provides consistency of experience and scalability.

 With the UHE platform and devices you get efficient telemedicine solutions for your healthcare organization. It also provides efficiency. Each access point of care system deployed throughout a network, can be multi-purposed for different telehealth programs. For example, the same access point of care system mounted on the wall in a patient room can be accessed for Telehospitalists, eConsults, TeleSepsis, Rapid Response, Virtual Sitting, Interpreter Services, Family Visits and more. 

Explore some of the many enabled telehealth solutions offered through the UHE Platform:

Learn more about how UHE can visually enable any telehealth program.


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