Caregility’s Leadership Team

Ron Gaboury, CEO

As CEO of Yorktel, Caregility’s parent company, Ron helped establish the company’s leading position in the video conferencing market. Under Ron’s leadership, Yorktel began developing UHE – a completely new visual communications platform created for the healthcare industry, with purpose-built endpoints, all designed specifically for the unique requirements in healthcare.

Due to the success of UHE, in 2019 Caregility was formed to further advance the development of the UHE platform and product line. Ron remains CEO of both Yorktel and Caregility.  

In his capacity as CEO of Caregility, Ron provides strategic guidance and is responsible for acquisitions, investments and overall business expansion.

Mike Brandofino, President and COO, Caregility

With over 20 years of experience in A/V and UC industries, Michael has held executive positions with some of today’s leading services companies. As President and Chief Operations Officer, Michael drives efforts to expand and enhance Caregility’s service offerings, improve operational efficiency and continue our commitment to customer satisfaction. Having served as CEO for Glowpoint and Executive Committee Member, as well as EVP at AVI-SPL, he brings an extensive level of expertise to the role of President & COO. 

Judi Pulig, CFO

Judi is responsible for the day-to-day management of all aspects of Caregility finance including strategic planning, accounting, forecasting, and budget management. Judi supports the President in developing and managing the operating budget, oversees coordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the organization and reports to the CEO and Board of Directors particularly in relation to securing new funding.

Bin Guan, CTO

As the Chief Technology Officer, Bin is responsible for delivering a competitive advantage in the industry by identifying the most advanced video communications technology and translating it into solutions that provide the most value for Caregility customers. His primary focus is the creation of a multiyear technology roadmap based upon current and future vendor product development plans. Bin has over 20 years’ experience in video conferencing, rich media, unified communication solutions, and internetworking.

Karen Paglia, EVP Business Management

As EVP of Business Management, Karen is responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of Caregility’s reporting.  Her data knowledge and overall understanding of the company enables her to lead a team of professionals to manage the creation and publishing of Caregility’s business intelligence throughout the segments of the organization.  Her contributions have created a visibility and stronger understanding of trends and results within the company.

Peter McLain, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of Business Development

Peter joined Yorktel in 2014 as the SVP of Healthcare to provide leadership to Yorktel’s growing product and solution focus in the healthcare market. He is a pioneer, innovator and leader in the field of telehealth video and communications solutions with 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Peter has served in various strategic, business development and sales leadership positions at healthcare technology manufacturers such as Rubbermaid Healthcare, CPort Solutions, Johnson & Johnson, DePuy and Zimmer. Having successfully guided the incubation of the healthcare division at Yorktel, Peter now leads overall strategy at Caregility, driving innovation, value and business expansion in the healthcare market.

Kelly Harman, SVP Marketing

Kelly Harman leads Caregility’s global marketing efforts. She is an accomplished marketing executive with deep expertise in strategic planning, global marketing, lead generation, public relations, investor relations, customer retention, and sales operations. Much of her career has been spent in leadership positions with fast growth companies in the technology sector, including voice, video and data communications, software, security, cloud computing and systems integration.

Sudhir Ahuja, SVP Product Development

As SVP of Product Management for Caregility, Dr. Sudhir “Sid” Ahuja leads the greater initiative to evolve the UHE Platform and its related products and services to deliver a formidable range of telehealth solutions to the marketplace under its brand.

Over the past decade, Dr. Ahuja has immersed himself in telemedicine, IoT, and remote patient care technologies, including launching two telehealth-related start-ups and spearheading video-based technology projects. He recently served as Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Visiting Research Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, where he oversaw a range of projects relative to video services and technology. Dr. Ahuja began his career at Bell Labs, devoting 37 years to their research and development department. He later successfully launched Vayu Technologies, which provided video-based telemedicine focused on senior citizen care. Dr. Ahuja holds 23 patents in a variety of IT, communications, and healthcare categories.

Scott Andrus, SVP of Global Sales

Scott joined Yorktel in 2007. Yorktel’s concentration in healthcare emerged in 2011 with the onboarding of several strategic relationships. During the following six years, Scott assisted in the development of the healthcare segment specifically in the delivery of telehealth solutions, which led to the formation of Caregility as its own business. Scott earned an MBA from Boston University in 2016. He has been leading the healthcare segment since 2018, focusing on providing solutions and services that have high impact and value for customers while fostering a strong telehealth team.

Gerard Frederickson, SVP Operations

Gerard joined Yorktel in 2016 with over 20 years of leadership experience in areas of business development, operations and R&D.  Prior to Yorktel he worked for over 12 years commercializing cutting edge technologies while leading small incubation teams at SRI International.  Gerard also founded and ran an advanced materials business, Lightscape Materials Inc. (LMI), and after several years coordinated the sale of LMI to Dow Chemical.  Gerard brings to Caregility extensive start-up experience and a passion for making an impact on the healthcare industry.

Wendy Deibert, VP Clinical Solutions, Consultancy and Business Development

Wendy joined Yorktel in March 2018 as the VP of Clinical Solutions.  As VP of Clinical Solutions, Consultancy and Business Development at Caregility, she assists vendors, health systems, and clinicians across the US and internationally to integrate virtual care into their products, systems, and care delivery models.  Wendy spent 34 years in nursing as a bedside critical care nurse, manager, senior consultant, operations manager, and vice president.  Wendy, as the vice president of telehealth services, played an integral role in building Mercy Virtual, the first hospital with no patients that enables 160+ clinicians caring for patients remotely 24/7. During her time at Mercy, she developed a telehealth team and converted more than 500 critical care/step-down beds to electronic ICU technology at 15+ hospitals across five states, launched 30 telestroke site programs, developed a telesepsis program that monitors over 3000 beds, created the first eAcute/eHospitalist program across three hospitals and launched over 70+ telehealth programs.  As part of this transformation of care at Mercy, and with the use of telehealth technology, she led/participated in the design of the world’s first virtual care center in Chesterfield Missouri which opened in August 2015 – Mercy Virtual.

James Custer, VP AEG Engineering

James Custer heads Caregility’s Advanced Engineering Group that supports all engineering aspects of Caregility from consultation, design, product development, pre-sales engineering, fabrication, installation, tier III support and training. Before joining Caregility, James was the Senior R&D Engineer at Rubbermaid Healthcare as part of their telemedicine team, where he helped with designing and developing their telemedicine cart solutions. James is a retired Sergeant Major of the US Army with over 26 ½ years of service.


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