Tele-ICU Technology and Acute Patient Monitoring

Around-the-clock monitoring for critical care patients.

TeleICU Technology

UHE Sync for ICU monitoring is a telehealth video-enabled platform that delivers the versatility, reliability and security required in Intensive Care Units. UHE-Sync supports your telehealth program by providing high definition 2-way audio-video connectivity (continuous or intermittent) for remote ICU patient monitoring.  An effective telehealth solution must help clinicians closely monitor vital signs and pay extremely close attention to their critically ill patients.

Acute Care or Step-Down Units

90% of hospital beds are used for various degrees of acute inpatient care, and as much as 10% of those patients are considered at-risk. UHE Sync allows for additional clinician’s remote monitoring of critically ill patients in Step-Down units as an extra layer of clinical support. With the acute care or step down patients being remotely monitored, the ICU is freed up to care for only the most critically ill patients.

Benefits of Tele-ICU For the Clinician

Tele ICU technology on the UHE platform allows clinicians to quickly and easily monitor patients in ICU or Acute Care rooms using the UHE Sync App from any secure computer. The app allows ICU patient monitoring from a central station to facilitate consults, direct communication with the patient and patient information review.

Clinicians can invite specialists, family members, or translators should an emergency or need for urgent consult arise – a valuable capability in a critical care environment.

In the Room

Our Tele-ICU technology includes a choice of purpose-built wall-mounted video conferencing systems, APC-80, APC-120, APC-180. These systems are engineered from the ground up to meet the high-degree of reliability necessary in ICU monitoring or Acute care rooms. With a single push of a button, in-room personnel can alert remote clinicians to initiate a video with the patient using the platform.


For Additional Participants

One of the many benefits of our Tele-ICU technology is that additional participants, including clinical specialists, family members and translators can also be invited to join secure calls on demand, without disruption or disconnection. UHE Sync supports up to 10 connections in a single call, using any combination of standards-based videoconferencing systems, Microsoft Skype clients, WebRTC browsers or phones/mobile phones or tablets.

Tele-ICU Technology Support

Administrators have full visibility of their system through a comprehensive Portal that includes provisioning, status and reporting capabilities. As part of the support package for the UHE Tele-ICU technology we offer 24×7 technical support with VNOC monitoring, module replacement and on-site spares, all of which are included with a platform subscription.

Learn more about how UHE can visually enable your Tele-ICU program.


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