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Virtual Patient Observation

Someone monitoring several patients at once through camera feeds on the computer
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Protect patients while reducing costs

In-room support for at-risk patients can be a hefty expense and a staffing challenge. Virtual patient observation improves patient safety and reduces costs.

With our Virtual Patient Observation solution, supported through our UHE-connected iObserver app, you can observe up to 12 rooms on one screen. Your team is connected with two-way full video and audio for better monitoring, improved patient redirection, and faster intervention.

Struggling to protect patients while keeping costs down?

Virtual patient observation systems help keep high-risk patients safe while reducing the costs of bedside patient monitoring. Learn how virtual observation works, which patients are candidates, and what to look for in a system. Download our white paper, Considering Virtual Observation for Your Healthcare Organization.

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Simplify care and expand capabilities with a single telehealth platform

Our UHE telehealth platform is a universal, easy-to-use network, patient-focused and purpose-built for healthcare. Always available and HIPPA-compliant, UHE enables our many virtual telehealth solutions from continuous patient monitoring, ad-hoc patient check-ins, specialty consults, and more.

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