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Interpreter Services

Over the shoulder shot of a patient talking to a doctor using of a digital tablet
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Eliminate language barriers for better patient care

Integrated with several leading interpreter service companies, the Caregility platform brings interpreters into any telehealth session, in seconds, as soon as a language and provider are selected.

Wherever the patient, family members and clinicians are, from home through emergency department or inpatient settings, Caregility helps eliminate the language barrier to receiving care. Reassure a confused ICU patient in her own language, or ensure that family members understand an important treatment decision.

Struggling to protect patients while keeping costs down?

Virtual patient observation systems help keep high-risk patients safe while reducing the costs of bedside patient monitoring. Learn how virtual observation works, which patients are candidates, and what to look for in a system. Download our white paper, Considering Virtual Observation for Your Healthcare Organization.

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Bring care to wherever it’s needed with a single telehealth platform

Caregility’s telehealth solutions connect patients and clinicians in almost any setting via a flexible, secure platform. Our all-in-one, HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform connects your patient and clinician environments into one universal network. Purpose-built for healthcare, the UHE platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and provides a consistent experience for both clinicians and patients.

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